How To Root Samsung S6 G935F

Rooting a smartphone implies giving yourself access to partitions that the manufacturer did not want you to have.
how to root Samsung S6 G935F

Hello, dear readers. More people should be accommodated. I'll show you how to root the Samsung S6 G935F in this tutorial. To begin, remember that rooting your device will void its warranty. Second, improper rooting may cause your phone to malfunction. As a result, you must assess these details. But if you agree, I'll show you how to root the Samsung S6 G935F. Rooting iPhones is done for a variety of reasons. 

Rooting a smartphone implies giving yourself access to partitions that the manufacturer did not want you to have. Usually for obvious reasons like as not wanting you to mess with the phone system or accessing capabilities you are not permitted to use. However, there are several advantages to rooting your smartphone.

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How to Root Samsung S6 G 935F without TWRP or Magisk

As previously stated, rooting your Android device has numerous advantages. In comparison to using a non-rooted phone with limited capabilities, you gain an advantage, become a super user, and enjoy super user rights. Furthermore, you must root your Samsung phone in order to repair a null IMEI, an invalid SIM, or a network connection issue caused by IMEI patching or IMEI writing.

In this case, you've come to the right place if you want to know how to write IMEI on Samsung S6 G935F smartphone but first root it. I'll walk you through the process of rooting your Samsung S6 G935F.

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Benefits of Rooting Android

As previously stated, rooting your smartphone is a dangerous endeavor that may result in the device being crushed. Despite the risks, users continue to root their Android cellphones. Why? There must be some advantages to rooting Android or having root access on your smartphone. The following are some of the benefits of rooting Android:

  • Accessing internal root partition
  • Ability to unlock boot loader
  • Installing apps that need root access
  • Installing custom ROM
  • Uninstall system Apps
  • IMEI repair (For Samsung models). 

Requirements to root Samsung S6

To root your Samsung S6 G935F, you will need the following items.

  1. Windows computer
  2. Samsung S6 G935F root files
  3. Odin flashing tool latest version
  4. USB data cable 

Please carefully follow the next steps on how to root Samsung S6 G935F after you have ensured that you meet the aforementioned requirements.

Step 1

Download the root files for the Samsung S6. Make sure the root files you're getting are the precise model of your phone, or you'll completely brick it. The Samsung S6 G935F root files can be downloaded from here provided. Download and unzip the zip file. Save the file at a convenient location.

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Step 2

After obtaining the Samsung S6 root files in step 1, you will require a tool to flash the root files onto your phone's internal memory. The tool under discussion here is Odin. Samsung Odin is the company's official flashing tool. Download and extract the most recent version of Odin to your computer. Launch the application.

Step 3

Turn off your Samsung S6 935F phone after launching Odin. Start up the phone in download mode. To enter Download mode on the Samsung S6, press and hold the volume down, home, and power buttons at the same time. Accept the download mode by pushing the volume up button when the phone boots up. Using the USB data cord, connect the phone to the PC. Under ID COM on the Odin interface, you will find the com port number to which your phone is linked.

Step 4

Now, in the Odin interface, go to the AP tab and go to the location where you extracted the Samsung S6 G935F root files. Select the AP file. Allow the Samsung Odin flashing tool to load.

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Step 5

After loading the AP file, keep in mind that the phone is still connected to your PC and in download mode, and then hit the START button on the Odin interface. Odin will immediately begin writing root files to your Samsung S6. Be patient till it is completed and the resetting is completed. 

Do not disconnect your phone until the entire process is completed, that is, after you see 'RESET!' and 'PASS'

Step 6

 When the above steps are completed, the phone should power up and reboot on its own. You will see some bizarre interface with codes on your screen once the phone reboots. Don't freak out. Simply let the phone alone, and after everything is finished, the phone will reboot and display the Samsung logo, and it will subsequently simply boot up and open. If it becomes stuck on the logo, simply perform a hard reset and restart the process. Then, install the root checker APK and verify the root's legitimacy. This will allow you to determine whether or not your phone has been successfully rooted. It will eventually request permission from the superuser. Simply pick 'Grant.'

That is how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 G935F. 

Conclusion on How To Root Samsung S6 G935F

Please keep in mind that the root files supplied here are only for the Samsung S6 G935F model. DO NOT USE THESE FILES ON ANY OTHER MODEL. Remember that rooting your smartphone comes with its own set of risks. If your smartphone is still under warranty, this will void the warranty. Second, you risk bricking your phone by attempting to root it. Before you root your phone, consider whether it is worthwhile and worth the risk.

Finally, if this post helped you resolve your problem and you repaired your device as a result of the useful information you received here, please do not leave without supporting us. Please subscribe to our website to receive updates on new articles, as well as visit and like us on our social media platforms. Thank you, and I hope to see you in a future article.

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