How To Get Free PayPal Money [Complete Guide]

There is free PayPal money available, and you can get it quickly. With just a little app knowledge, you could be making money almost immediately.
how To get free paypal money

There is free PayPal money available, and you can get it quickly. With just a little app knowledge, you could be making money almost immediately.

PayPal, in case you didn't know, is a payment platform. Sign up with your email address to begin receiving payments from family, friends, and some of these giving websites.

When money is deposited into your PayPal account, you will be notified. You can spend your money directly from your account or have it transferred to any of your bank accounts.

It's just as simple to send money to friends and family. But what about the free PayPal cash, and how does it work?

It turns out that many businesses are interested in what you think, what you buy, and how you spend your time. They will pay you via PayPal for this information.

It's practically a money machine. You only need to spend a few minutes creating accounts on various websites, filling out surveys in your spare time, and then checking your balance.

It's such a fun and potentially profitable idea that you might start thinking of it as a way to earn free PayPal money rather than free PayPal money.

Whatever you want to call it, it's simple to make extra money for things you need, things that make you happy, or things you can give away to help others.

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How To Get Free PayPal Money

If you are willing to part with a few minutes of your time to answer questions about products and services, then you can get free PayPal money. You just need to know the ones that will be worth your time. 

1. LifePoints

Free PayPal money instantly is safe with LifePoints. Setting up an account with this established marketing company is easy, free and worth 10 LifePoints just for joining.

Points are then earned by completing surveys. Different surveys have different point values. Generally, the longer the survey, the more points you will receive.

As you reach 1200 points, you can cash out $10 via PayPal. Also, you can accept a $5 gift card or make a UNICEF donation.

When you log in to the LifePoints home page, you can immediately begin taking surveys. They will also send you surveys via email.

However, the easiest way to get free PayPal money is to download their app so as to take surveys right on your phone.

The initial questions are screening questions. However, if your responses indicate that you are the demographic they require, you will be shown the rest of the survey.

The first couple of questions are screening questions. But if your answers show that you're the demographic they need, then you're shown the rest of the survey.

The company will run giveaways from time to time too. 


  1. Daily Challenges for more opportunities to get free PayPal money.
  2. Location-based surveys allow you to rack up points by turning on your phone's location services for the app.
  3. Option to cash out for gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks and other major retailers.

Con: Keep in mind that the value of the points varies depending on how you cash out.

For example, if you claim 1200 points for $10 in PayPal cash rather than a $5 gift card at 550 points, you will lose some point value.

2. InboxDollars

With the InboxDollars reward app, you can earn free PayPal money by shopping, playing games, watching TV, and also taking surveys on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The company has been doing this for 20 years and has paid out millions, so you know they're safe.

Payments for surveys start at 50-cents but can be as much as $5. InboxDollars pays out easily too with free PayPal money, gift cards, prepaid Visa cards and even a snail-mailed check.


  1. Know how much you'll earn before you start a survey.
  2. Each survey completed brings you closer to getting a scratch-off card for even more cash.
  3. Watch videos, web surf using the InboxDollars' search engine and play casino games for more money.

Con: You can get pretty far into a survey and then be told you don't qualify to earn.

3. MyPoints

If you're wondering how to get free PayPal money faster and easily, MyPoints is the place to go.

This app is extremely simple to use, and the points are quite simple to redeem. This is yet another marketing organization that predates The Internet Times.

Registration is free and it requires only your name, email address, and date of birth. Locate their confirmation email and click the link to let them know you're the one who signed up.

That's all! You can now start earning free PayPal cash by watching videos, playing fun games, and reading their emails. of course you can earn MyPoints and free PayPal money simply by reading the emails they send you (so don't delete them accidentally).

You can also earn points by shopping, surfing the web through their Yahoo! search engine. Redeeming your points by having them directly go into your PayPal account is easy and fast too.

Redeem them anytime you want. No need to wait until you get to a certain threshold like other survey sites.


  1. Earn free PayPal money instantly by watching movies and videos, playing games, reading their emails and completing surveys.
  2. More points can be earned by shopping their preferred online retailers like Amazon, Old Navy, eBay and many other major shopping sites.
  3. Daily deals with big points payouts.

Con: The majority of the promotions are only available in the United States and Canada.

4. Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards is the northern answer to how to earn free PayPal money because it's a Canadian version of InboxDollars. It also works much the same–people can answer surveys and watch videos for money.

In fact, get free PayPal money instantly, $5, when you create your account by answering a few questions. A handy dashboard lists surveys from other sites with how much you can earn for each one.

Some of the surveys are $1 each. You can also read emails, refer friends, and look at promotional offers.

You can cash out directly into your PayPal account once you reach $30.


  1. After reaching $30, cash will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.
  2. Receive free trials from promotional partners in your area.
  3. Canadians are targeted in surveys and promotions.

Con: Many of the surveys can take up to 30-minutes and the credits you can earn are on the low end of the scale.

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5. Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you can consistently earn free PayPal money. Completing a profile on this survey site takes a little longer because their focus is on sending you relevant and interesting review opportunities.

Filling out the profiles does earn you points. After completing them, you will soon receive surveys tailored to your preferences and habits. 

Survey Junkie has a handy dashboard so you can see at a glance how long the surveys are and how many points they are worth.  Because the surveys are so targeted, you may not get access to as many as you would with another site.

Starting a survey doesn't guarantee you'll be able to complete it for full credit. People have reported getting kicked off a survey after answering a few of the questions.

It's easy to calculate how much free PayPal money is instantly credited to your account for each survey—one point equals one cent. To cash out, you must have at least $5.


  1. Surveys are targeted toward your interests.
  2. Convenient dashboard to preview surveys at a glance.
  3. Easy point system to figure out.

Con: Fewer surveys with a higher rate of disqualification.

6. Toluna

Toluna is another good site for getting free PayPal money for the simple task of filling out surveys. What distinguishes this site from others is the ability to select the type of survey you want to take.

The categories are interesting too. Think technology and food.

You can also choose to do quick profile surveys to give the folks at Toluna more insight into what you'll be able to review. Or start a longer survey in the category of choice of up to 20 minutes for more credit.


  1. There are surveys that are both targeted and interesting.
  2. A convenient dashboard for previewing surveys.
  3. Toluna will also send you surveys via email.

Con: While you can rack up points quickly, the value once redeemed is on the lower end of the survey payout scale.

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7. Pinecone Research

Earn free PayPal money by joining the Pinecone Research marketing company as an exclusive member. This is one site where you must be invited, but once accepted, you'll be well on your way to earning a lot of money as one of their panelists.

Pinecone Research invitations are hard to come by, but if you see a banner ad for the company, click it. It will direct you to a Pinecone survey about your location and habits. 

If Pinecone accepts you, you'll be one of the lucky panelists earning $3 to $5 per survey (rather than pennies) and testing products for about $6. You're also pre-qualified for surveys, which is a really cool feature.

That means you don't have to answer half of it before you're kicked out because you don't fit the demographic they're looking for. They will also deposit directly into PayPal with no limits upon request.


  1. Engaging and interesting surveys focused on your likes.
  2. Larger than usual payouts deposited upon request.
  3. You're pre-qualified for every survey so you don't waste time.

Con: Fewer surveys to take as they are so targeted.

8. FusionCash

FusionCash is a site where you can get free PayPal money for completing other tasks besides taking surveys. You can earn by watching videos, testing products, surfing the internet and surveys.

They'll also pay if you do a couple of different things, like forum posts, paid-to-call tasks and signing up for cashback offers.

The cashback offers will give you free PayPal money for easy stuff like participating in trial offers and downloading extensions on your web browser.

The best way to earn money on FusionCash, though is through their paid-to-click offers. These are where you have to click links on certain websites and stay on a page for a required amount of time.

However, they've received a few poor reviews particularly due to late payout and the low scale of earnings. It's always good to have more than one survey site in your free PayPal money arsenal.

And, because FusionCash offers a wide range of paid tasks, it may help to break up the monotony of clicking through surveys. Try it.


  1. A variety of tasks are available.
  2. They offer a generous $5 sign-up bonus.
  3. Get paid to refer FusionCash to your friends.

Cons: Low pay for completing tasks is a common complaint as is the threshold of $25 before cashing out. The referrals don't count toward the threshold.

how to get free paypal money

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks was one of the first websites to offer free PayPal money in exchange for completing surveys. They now provide a shopping browser and a search engine for even more ways to earn money.

Swagbucks also allows you to earn money by watching videos and playing games. The payout is also straightforward. Each Swagbuck is one cent.

This makes it easy to see at a glance which tasks are worth your time. The threshold before you can request the credits to be deposited into your PayPal account is only $3.

So redeem your Swagbucks early and often!


  1. Simple registration with a $5 bonus for completing your account.
  2. You will be given a referral link to use in order to sign up friends and earn more Swagbucks.
  3. Low cash out threshold allows you to get your money quickly.

Cons: Many tasks yield low payouts so you have to pay attention to how much time they'll take.

10. KashKick

Sometimes you just want free PayPal money without having to worry about converting points, "bucks," or Canadian dollars. That's when using KashKick as an alternative survey site comes in handy.

KashKick is a new survey site that will show you how much money each task will earn you in USD. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

To cash out into your PayPal account, you must first reach the $10 threshold. However, because this site pays higher on the scale, it will take you less time to complete this task.

Get paid taking surveys, playing games and watching videos. But they do have one page dedicated entirely to surveys and there are many to take.

Their dashboard shows you how much each survey will pay too before you even start. You will need to answer a few screening questions before you can start a survey to make sure you qualify and you won't get paid for those.

Otherwise, KashKick has a friendly customer service department and fast, straightforward payouts. Give it a go and see what you think.

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  1. Before you choose tasks, you are shown monetary rewards.
  2. On the scale, payouts are higher.
  3. Customer service that is pleasant. 

Cons: Company is too new to have many user reviews.

11. PointClub

PointClub is another more lucrative way to earn free PayPal money. Despite the fact that it is a new company, it is quickly gaining members due to higher rewards on tasks and better payouts.

PointClub accepts both domestic and international users. International users cannot access all surveys and tasks.

They also have an active Facebook page where you can get additional help and promo codes. You'll be working with an appealing and engaging interface on the website.

Completing your profile after sign-up will get you better-targeted surveys so you're less likely to waste your time. You'll still need to qualify for every survey with a few questions.


  1. Payouts are higher than on some of the other sites.
  2. The website has a new, simple user interface.
  3. A strong Facebook page with promo codes and hints in a friendly community.

Cons: This company is newer and they may not have as many surveys available as some of the other survey sites we've recommended.

12. Branded Surveys

An interesting way to get free PayPal money is with Branded Surveys. Much like the other sites mentioned above, there's no fee to join and cash can be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

What makes Branded Surveys different, however, is you get more surveys and tasks you complete, the more points you can earn. Active participants are rewarded through a bonus plan called Branded Elite.

Just for signing up, you are granted bronze status. As you take surveys you level up until Gold where you can earn up to 19% in bonus points. You also earn bonus points for referring your friends too.

Some of the surveys can be long, but you do earn points commensurate with your time. You can cash out at $10. 


  1. A bonus program for active members called Branded Elite.
  2. You're able to cash out at the low threshold of $10.
  3. Various ways to earn are available, including surveys, daily polls and opportunities for third-party surveys with Branded Surveys rewards. 

Cons: Reviewers have reported that they are frequently disqualified after beginning surveys, and payouts can take up to two weeks.

13. OneOpinion

The last of our survey sites to answer the how to earn free PayPal money question is called OneOpinion. This site works well for college students to stack with some of the others we've mentioned for quick cash between classes, study sessions or as a way to relax.

This one is also good for those who like to see what some of the biggest companies worldwide are working on. Your opinion matters in their research and development process and OneOpinion pays.

Sign up via a form on the website or through their cute little chatbot. Click on their confirmation email and start seeing survey opportunities right away.

To cut to the chase about the money, 1000 points is equal to $1 (1 pound sterling if you're in the UK, which is a better conversion!). After you reach 25,000 points, or $25, you can request funds go directly to your PayPal.

But here's the BIG THING about OneOpinion–if you get disqualified, you still get some points. That's huge. And they have lots of surveys to offer so you'll never run out of ways to get free PayPal money or whatever rewards you decide on.


  1. Learn about new products and even test them before they hit the market.
  2. Excellent customer service, whether by phone or through Emily the Chatbot.
  3. You can earn points even if you are disqualified from a survey.

Cons: Currently, only the US and UK versions of OneOpinion are operational. Furthermore, 25,000 points is a high threshold in comparison to other sites.

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